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       If you've ever had a German Shepherd, you know EXACTLY what I'm about to say and why...German Shepherds are THE best all round dog breed for a family EVER in my opinion. Over 40 years of owning, training and much of that time breeding this regal breed of animals I have learned sooooo much. Every "German Shepherd" lesson I experience makes me love these dogs more than ever. They "talk" to you...They "ask questions" of you...They seek to PLEASE you every day in EVERY way... Simply AMAZING.

      I have searched the country for some of the best German Shepherds as breed stock, paying THOUSANDS of dollars for each of them. Over the years I have purchased magnificent dogs, but for some reason they ended up not being the quality of dog I wanted to build upon. In a word, I'm picky...VERY picky. The dogs we have now, like Sergeant, are FABULOUS examples of German Shepherds...smart, loving, staunch and protective. They love our grandchildren and make SURE they are safe whenever they are playing in our fenced property. We breed only dogs with German heritage. Some puppies will be black, sable, blanket-backs ( 85-90% black) or black and tan coat colors...THAT'S what we do and we love it!!! Thanks for visiting us at our digital kennel, germanshepherdman.com