German Shepherd Man Educational Videos

  German Shepherd Man shares his years of experience on how to raise and care for your German Shepherd. Owning a well trained German Shepherd is one of the great pleasures of life! It takes time and patience for your pet to be well trained. To have a well trained dog you can approach their training in one of 3 ways:

   The first option is to spend 1000's of dollars to send your German Shepherd to a professional trainer. Even then, it is still going to take dedication to maintain the training.

   The second ... you can spend 20 years of trial and error like we did here at

   The third, and we feel the BEST way to train your dog, is to invest a few dollars and teach yourself by taking a proven course in the privacy of your own home. The training aids listed below are on our must have list with all of our puppies and adult German Shepherds.


Doggy Dan's Training Videos

Doggy Dan is the worlds leading dog trainer. He has created a video to help with almost every imaginable pet problem. Visit his site and get started watch his videos with a free trial. Either way, we heartily endorse Doggy Dan's training methods. Click on the images to find out more.

 Doggy Dan's
Online Training
300 x 250


German Shepherd Handbook

If you own a German Shepherd dog, you will love the "German Shepherd Handbook"  by Michael Tapscott. German Shepherd Man himself purchased this e-book and has given it his endorsement. We consider this a Sergeant Certified product. To learn more, click here or on the image below.

 German Shepherd Handbook