Available Puppies

German Shepherd Man and his wife, Puppy Girl, operate this kennel as a passionate hobby. We usually only have a few litters throughout the year and most are pre-sold at birth. If you are interested in one of our puppies, fill out our Contact Us form so that we can start the process for you to get the perfect puppy for your home.

After making the decision to purchase a German Shepherd Man Puppy a minimum $750 non-refundable deposit will be required. Solid Black Puppies are $3800 and all other colors are $3500. Shipping, if needed, is usually between $550-$950 according to whether you choose airlines or door-to-door Pet Transport.



Long Coat Puppy Currently Available

Fluffy, as we call her, comes from large boned Eastern European working lines. Her father is Sony and her mother is Princess. Fluffy has a great, easy-going personality and has just finished her 2nd round of vaccinations. She was born on December 15th and is ready for her Forever Home. Fluffy is $3800, and if you are interested in her call German Shepherd Man at 478-244-1025. We like to have  a conversation with potential owners to make sure our puppies are a right fit for your home.

 Sony1  Princess1
 Sony Princess
fluffy  Fluffy 
 Fluffy & Puppy Girl



Sarge ivanka
Sergeant The Superdog Ivanka The Elegant


These are some examples of Sergeant and Ivanka's Puppies we have produced in the past.


Sarge loni
Sergeant The Superdog Melania The Beautiful

  These are some examples of Sergeant and Melania's Puppies we have produced in the past.